A Little Bit of Humour

My new painting is titled "Dinner for Five???". It has some humour, imagination and cheer, which is good for the soul.

Will an ant feed five echidnas??! A leg and a quarter each?? 

Echidnas have spines like a porcupine, a beak like a bird, a pouch like a kangaroo, and lays eggs like a reptile. They are a member of the monotremes, along with the platypus, an order of egg-laying mammals. They are a small, solitary mammal native to Tasmania and Australia. They are usually 30 to 40 cm long and weigh between 2 to 4.5 kilos.

I love the way they walk, they waddle, on the ground. They don't climb trees or swing from gum nuts, but the beauty of artistic licence is that you can create whimsical and humorous scenes like this. 

Limited edition prints of this new print are available at: https://pjpaintings.com/collections/realistic-animals/products/dinner-for-five  

I hope that it brought a smile to your face.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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