A Love Pack of Greeting Cards

I have painted “Lovebirds” because Valentine’s Day is approaching.


The origin of Valentine’s Day is not definite. Historically February has been celebrated as the month of romance and St. Valentine’s Day has connections to both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. Who was, and how, did Saint Valentine become associated with this day is unclear. This link provides some theories and possibilities about who St. Valentines was and the evolution of Valentines Day. https://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day/history-of-valentines-day-2

Through the centuries Valentine’s Day has evolved and changed, and spread across the globe into Australia, and consequently, its spread is now encompassing the Australian emu!

The emu is quite well represented in this Love Pack that I have put together.

Holding Hands

Each greeting card is featuring a love theme. The beauty of a greeting card is that the recipient can get that warm, fuzzy feeling over and over again, each time they read the penned words. Some may choose to frame the cards. It's a gift that keeps on giving and the recipient could be wearing the smile you gave them for weeks, and in this case all year, if you spread the love pack out over the year. 

Who says Emus Can't Fly?!?

Two to Tango

Here’s a link to order your Love Pack of original Pj Paintings greeting cards. https://pjpaintings.com/collections/cards/products/love-pack-of-greeting-cards

I hope that you are well, wherever you are living. Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for visiting my blog, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

helping put smiles on faces

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