A new tote bag

Hello everybody,

I hope that all is well and that you were able to hear a songbird's melody this morning.

My painting titled, "Maggie" , is proving to be popular as many Australians have a strong connection with magpies (maggies). Australian Magpies are found throughout Australia, including Tasmania, where I live. The distinctive melodic birdsong of the magpie is synonymous with Australia and the Australian bush. It's a special way to start the morning, hearing their melodious song greeting when you are lying in bed. 

Magpies begin to produce sounds shortly after they are born and the vocal range and complexity of their song continues to improve as they get older. The call of the Magpie is reputedly one of the most complex in the world which sound like a loud musical flute-like call, often performed in groups.

Magpies often establish relationships with people, routinely visiting for a feed, hence so many people developing a strong connection with the bird, becoming involved with each new generation of the bird's family.

I've expanded my tote bag collection with the new addition of "Maggie". These sturdy tote bags, with the "Maggie" image printed on both sides, are Made in Australia and are 100% polyester, meaning they wash up a treat. Put them in a lingerie bag for extra protection and cold machine wash.  They come in a Small (approximately 33 cm x 33 cm), Medium (approximately 41 cm x 41 cm) size or Large (approximately 46 cm x 46 cm) size.

Here's the link to the Maggie tote bag: https://pjpaintings.com/collections/bags/products/tote-bag-maggie

The days and weeks seem to be flying by so quickly. Despite the speed of life, I hope that you are finding time to stop to smell the roses and listen to the birds.

Cheers, from Patricia 


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