Autumn Fun


I've added paint to the ink drawing I did for October's Wombatober and Inktober challenge. The prompt word for Day 1 of the #Wombatober2023 Challenge was "Autumn Activity", and Day 29 of the #Inktober2023 Challenge was "massive". So, I drew a massive pile of leaves.

I wasn't quite sure how to tackle the painting as I didn't want to spend hours and hours painting individual leaves. I did fall into the trap a little but I mainly tried to treat it as a whole and paint autumn colours in wet-in-wet.

a cute wombat sitting on a massive pile of autumn leaves

Prints of this massive pile of leaves, perfect for some Autumn Fun, is available at and the original painting is for sale at The Weaver's Cottages Studio in Oatlands, Tasmania.

Wishing you a fun day.

Cheers from PJ Paintings


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