Christmas in July

Hello everybody,
"Merry Baubling!" just in time for Christmas-in-July!
(I'm painting another set of cards, so watch this space for a new Christmas card pack, in time for Christmas-in-December, that will be offered on my website
I was surprised to see hundreds of, what is arguably the most iconic toadstool species, the fly agaric, growing along the roadside and in people's front yard in Strahan and Queenstown, Tasmania. They are toxic and hallucinogenic if consumed raw, but if correctly prepared, they are apparently edible as food, with no ill or hallucinatory effects. I cannot speak from personal experience though. I avoid touching or picking them. I just take hundreds of photos and admire their beauty.
Wild Tasmanian devils only live in Tasmania. I really like the black and red colour combination, so I'm always tempted to paint them together.
I hope your week is bobbing along well.
Cheers, from Patricia (PJ)

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