It's black & white

Can you guess? It's Australian and it's black & white. It was voted Australia's second favourite bird, after the Superb Fairy-wren. You have probably already guessed it, it's the magpie, or often referred to by their name of endearment, maggies.

                                                  "Maggie" available at

Australian Magpies are found throughout Australia, including Tasmania, where I live.  The distinctive melodic birdsong of the magpie is synonymous with Australia and the Australian bush. It's a special way to start the morning, hearing their melodious, songlike greeting when you are lying in bed. 

                                              Morning Melody

I've had fun painting a new bird and plan on painting them again. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope that your week's mornings commence with comforting birdsong melodies.

Cheers, from PJ Paintings

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