Rising to the Challenge

I'm keeping up with the #inktober challenge despite falling a little behind with the posting of the drawings. So here are a few days' worth of drawings:

The prompt word for DAY 4 is RADIO:

I drew some fairy penguins bopping to songs being played on the radio.

The prompt word for DAY 5 is BLADE:

I drew an emu roller blading... but I unintentionally drew roller skates instead of rollerblades.

The prompt words for DAY 6 is RODENT and Day 8 is TEETH:

Beavers are rodents and they have rather substantial teeth to chew through trees.

It is a challenge, but a fun challenge, to come up with ideas for these daily prompt words that feel like they are coming at you with great speed.

I hope that you've been keeping well and are enjoying the drawings. Some of these will be available on www.pjpaintings.com when I have painted them.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Cheers from, Patricia Hopwood-Wade

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