Simple Pleasures

Focusing on, and enjoying, simple pleasures has many personal, mental and physical benefits. It helps rejuvenate your mind, boosting creativity and fresh ideas, combats stress, helps you to shift to a more positive mind-set and aids your overall general health. This article lists over 100 benefits of noticing and appreciating simple pleasures. 
One simple pleasure that many were unable to enjoy during COVID restrictions and lock-downs, and have probably developed a much greater appreciation for now, was going to the hairdresser! (and, not to overlook, that there are many that still aren't able to enjoy this pleasure, due to medical conditions or other reasons, regardless of the fluctuating COVID restrictions). 
The pampering, conversations, having your scalp massaged when your hair is being washed and enjoying the relaxing feel-good moment when your hair is being brushed is one of life's simple pleasure not to be missed.
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Another simple pleasure that I try to not take for granted is painting. When I pick up my paint brush, I enter my feel-good zone and I'm so grateful that I have such an easy avenue to that beautiful place. 
What is a simple pleasure that you enjoy?
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope your day is packed full of life's simple pleasures.
Cheers, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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