Hello everybody,

I hope you are well and that "Spotty" brings a smile to your face.

Spotty, was only available as a greeting card, in the Wombat Sweetness Greeting Card pack, but now it is also available as a print


Spotty is a quality limited edition print of a cute, little wombat dressed for the rainy weather wearing its bright, red spotty raincoat. This heart-warming image will add charm to any room.

The original is a watercolour painting, painted on Khadi Mill paper made from recycled cotton rags, by Patricia Hopwood-Wade.  The painting is photographed and printed by Full Gamut in Tasmania, Australia. The print is printed on William Turner 310gsm print version, textured watercolour paper with archival inks, to look and feel like a watercolour painting.  No wonder I have so many people ask me if the print is an original painting!

Wishing everybody a happy weekend.

Cheers, from PJ Paintings


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