Cushion Cover of a wombat having an Afternoon Siesta

Cushion Cover of a wombat having an Afternoon Siesta

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This thoroughly relaxed and mellow little wombat is enjoying the gentle breeze under the shade of an Australian gum tree.

I've seen and photographed wombats many times in Tasmania's wilderness.  There's nothing cuter than seeing a baby wombat running! They're so cute. They are gentle animals and I try to capture that gentleness and calmness in my paintings of wombats. 

Wombats are marsupials native to Tasmania and the mainland of Australia. They are herbivores. Female wombats give birth to a single young in the spring and the young leave the pouch after about six months.

These bright, colourful and sturdy cushion covers, with the "Afternoon Siesta" image printed on both sides, are Made in Australia and are 100% polyester, meaning they wash up a treat. Put them in a lingerie bag for extra protection and cold machine wash.  They come in one size, approximately 40 x 40 cm. The background is a creamy colour.

All my paintings are copyrighted. They are not to be reproduced in any manner without receiving permission from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (