Emu Watercolour - "Scrub-a-Dub"

Emu Watercolour - "Scrub-a-Dub"

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Wash day is hard for some!  Thankfully the spectators are keeping themselves out of trouble and enjoying the afternoon.  Rub-a-Dub, Scrub-a-Dub and Wash Day make a cheery series that will brighten any room and deliver smiles. 

This print is printed with archival inks on William Turner 310gsm print version textured water colour paper, which retains the look and feel of water colour paintings.  No wonder I have so many people ask me if the print is an original painting! This series of images are square:  the image on an A-4  sized print is 180 x 180mm and on an A-3 sized print 380 x 380mm.

A-4 and A-3 sizes of "Scrub-a-Dub" are each a Limited Edition print run of 200, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

A-2 and A-1 sizes of "Scrub-a-Dub" are a Limited Edition print run of 50, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

All my paintings are copyrighted. They are not to be reproduced in any manner without permission from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (pjpaintings@gmail.com).