Leafy Decorum - Leafy Sea Dragons and Cockatoo prints

Leafy Decorum - Leafy Sea Dragons and Cockatoo prints

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Leafy Sea Dragons are probably the most ornately camouflaged animals on this earth. They have leaf shaped appendages attached to their entire bodies to superbly camouflage themselves among the seaweed and kelp they live amongst. They are endemic to Tasmania and the waters off south and east mainland Australia. They are closely related to seahorses and pipefish. They are an endangered species.

I often see Yellow-tailed black cockatoos in my neighbourhood and I love their squawky presence, personality and beauty.  Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos have a short crest on the top of their heads compared to other cockatoos’ crowns that they flaunt and display ostentatiously. Feeling slightly inferior, this cockatoo relied on creativity and ingenuity to present a hairstyle that turns heads.  This print, "Hair Accessories" and "The Bun" make a great set. 

A-4 and A-3 sizes of "Leafy Decorum" are a Limited Edition print run of 500, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

A-2 and A-1 sizes of Hair Accessories are a Limited Edition print run of 50, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

This print is printed in Tasmania by Full Gamut on 310gsm William Turner watercolour print paper with archival inks. The paper has the same texture and weight as the paper I paint on. No wonder so many people ask me if the print is my original painting! 

If you'd like an A-5 sized print (15cm x 21cm) $15.00, plus $5.00 postage, please contact me at: pjpaintings@gmail.com. If you'd like merchandise with this image (mugs, pillow cases and more), please visit Redbubble  http://pjpaintings.redbubble.com