Unfurling:  "Entanglement" - Watercolour

Unfurling: "Entanglement" - Watercolour

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Friends and cups of tea help us rise above difficulties.  The idea for this painting came when I was reading the instructions on a packet of loose leaf tea. It said to pour the boiling water and wait for three minutes for the leaves to unfurl.  The word "unfurl" jumped out at me and this imagery immediately came to mind.  That was my start to this unfurling journey, including the idea for my blog site's name: www.theunfurlingartist.wordpress.com to document my journey of unfurling as an artist. I've written the word "unfurl" to form bubbles in this painting.  Even the letters of this word make a beautiful pattern. This print is not a limited edition.

This print is printed on William Turner 310gsm print version, textured watercolour paper with archival inks, to look and feel like a watercolour painting.  No wonder I have so many people ask me if the print is an original painting!