A humpback whale, looking quite happy and relaxed, with swirling, unfurling sea plants accompanying it.
A humpback whale seemingly suspended on a white background.
A hump back whale in turquoise blue waters with unfurling sea plants and the words Defend, Conserve and Protect embedded into the painting.
Life is but a dream for this orca enjoying life in clear, blue waters.
a set of five Whale GREETING CARDS

a set of five Whale GREETING CARDS

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A set of five quality, Pj Paintings whale blank greeting cards, with envelopes, each a watercolour painting painted by Patricia (Pj) Hopwood-Wade. The cards feature humpback whales and an orca.  The greeting cards have the titles of each painting printed on the back: Sea Life; Suspended; DefendConserveProtect; Life is but a Dream and Weightless. Each card is approximately 100mm x 150mm in size.