Family Bunk Beds

Family Bunk Beds

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A wombat family taking the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon siesta among the shady gum leaves, with gumnut mobiles attached to each young one's hammock, to help them happily drift off into a relaxed slumber.

I've seen and photographed wombats many times in Tasmania's wilderness.  There's nothing cuter than seeing a baby wombat running! They're so cute. They are gentle animals and I try to capture that gentleness and calmness in my paintings of wombats. 

Wombats are marsupials native to Tasmania and the mainland of Australia. They are herbivores. Female wombats give birth to a single young in the spring and the young leave the pouch after about six months.

"Family Bunk Beds" is an unlimited print edition, printed on 310gsm William Turner watercolour paper with archival inks by Full Gamut, a Fine Art Printer in Hobart, Tasmania. The paper has the same texture as the paper I paint on. No wonder so many people ask me if the print is an original because the colour and textured paper is of such high quality! 

All my artwork is copyrighted. They are my ideas coming from my imagination, drawings and painting. They are not to be reproduced in any manner without permission from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (