A Spot of Christmas Cheer- an Original Watercolour Painting SOLD

A Spot of Christmas Cheer- an Original Watercolour Painting SOLD

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This Eastern quoll is adding its personal touch and flair to Christmas decorations. This brightly painted watercolour painting, on 310gsm cold pressed Art Spectrum water colour paper, is approximately 21 x 28 cm (9 x 11 inches).

Eastern quolls are about the size of a cat. They have soft fur that is coloured fawn, brown or black. Small white spots cover the body except for the bushy tail which may have a white tip. They used to live on the mainland of Australia but since the 1960s, they only live in Tasmania.

The eastern quoll is largely solitary. It hunts and scavenges, feeding largely on insects. Eastern quolls are nocturnal and only occasionally forage or bask during daylight. During the day they sleep in nests made under rocks in underground burrows or fallen logs.

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All my paintings are copyrighted. They are ideas from my imagination and are original artwork. They are not to be reproduced in any manner without authorisation from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (pjpaintings@gmail.com).