Silent Disco - A fairy penguins watercolour print

Silent Disco - A fairy penguins watercolour print

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Fairy penguins, also called little penguins or little blue penguins, are the smallest of the 17 penguin species. They are about 30 cm tall. They come ashore in multiple locations on the island of Tasmania, where I live. I’ve seen them at many different beaches in Tasmania and I get just as excited and enchanted each time I see them. They are beautiful and precious creatures, as all creatures are.

Silent discos are a rave that is growing and these two little ones are thoroughly enjoying the experience. It means that people can listen and dance to music while others don't have to shout over the music if they want to talk to each other. 

This is a print of an original Patricia (Pj) Hopwood-Wade watercolour painting, printed in Tasmania by Full Gamut on 310gsm William Turner watercolour print paper with archival inks. The paper has the same texture as the paper I paint on. No wonder so many people ask me if the print is my original painting! 

If you'd like an A-5 sized print (15cm x 21cm) $15.00, plus $5.00 postage, please contact me at: If you'd like merchandise with this image (mugs, pillow cases and more), please visit Redbubble