Two emus dancing the dramatic flamenco.
A stunning yellow dress to perform the dramatic flamenco.
I only have eyes for you, this tango dancing couple's loving gazing seem to be communicating.
A fun square dancing emu scene.
Four stylishly dressed emus rushing off to the races.
Two fairy penguins doing a joyful jig. These are the smallest penguin species. They come to Tasmania to breed.
Who wanted want to kick up their heels on a beautiful, Tasmanian sandy beach!?

Five Different Kicking-Up-Your-Heels!! Greeting Card Set

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A set of five quality Pj Paintings blank greeting cards, with envelopes, featuring emus (and/or penguins) having a good time. They know how to have fun and dress for the occasion! These will put a smile on faces. The title of the painting is printed on the back of the cards:  Spanish Eyes (Red); Spanish Eyes (Yellow); Two to Tango; Allemande Red, Off to the Races! II, Silent Disco and Beach Date. The greeting cards are approximately 100mm x 150mm in size.

The pack will consist of five greeting cards from the seven options pictured, depending on available stock. If you have a preference, please email me at, and I will do my best to accommodate your choice.

The beauty of greeting cards is that the recipient can get that warm, fuzzy feeling over and over again, each time they look at the card and/or read your words. It's a gift that keeps on giving and the recipient could be wearing the smile you gave them for weeks.

All my paintings are copyrighted. They are my creations from my imagination and are not to be reproduced in any manner without permission from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (