Nesting duties

Nesting duties

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In the emu world, the male emus builds the nest and incubates the eggs. He sits on the eggs for 8 weeks. During this time he doesn't eat, drink or defecate. He lives off his body fat and any nearby dew on the grass. Male emus lose up to a third of their body weight during this time and become increasingly dazed and forlorn. The only time he stands up is to turn the eggs, which he does 10-12 times a day. The father also stays and looks after the chicks for up to 18 months, leading them to feeding areas and showing them what to eat.

This emu is feeling slightly dazed and overwhelmed with the parenting role... don't worry it will get easier and you're doing a great job, Mr. Emu.

This print is printed in Tasmania by Full Gamut on 310gsm William Turner watercolour print paper with archival inks. The paper has the same texture as the paper I paint on. No wonder so many people ask me if the print is my original painting! 

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