This is a fun watercolour painting of a colourfully dressed emu wearing large, peace earrings and flowered bell-bottom yellow jeans walking confidently.

Op-Shopping Emu: "A Flair for Strutting" - Emu Watercolour

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My emus have been Op-shopping and they have found some very funky outfits!! This emu is experiencing the age-old annoying hole-in-stocking problem.

This is a square shape image. The A-4 image's size is approximately 18.5 x 19 cm plus a border. This size are not limited edition prints.

The A-3 image's size is approximately 25.7 x 25.7 plus 2 cm border. The A-3, A-2 and A-1 sizes are limited edition prints (a print run of 100 in total) and are numbered, titled and signed by me.

Prints are printed in Tasmania by Full Gamut on 310gsm William Turner watercolour print paper with archival inks. The paper has the same texture as the paper I paint on. No wonder so many people ask me if the print is my original painting!