This is a print of my original watercolour painting of a sleepy wombat in a hammock. The hammock has been decorated with gum nuts and flowers.

Lazy Days - prints of a Wombat

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Everyone is allowed a lazy day every once a while. It's hard work being a wombat! This one has found a great vantage point to rest and watch the world go by.

I've seen and photographed wombats many times in Tasmania's wilderness.  There's nothing cuter than seeing a baby wombat running! They're so cute. They are gentle animals and I try to capture that gentleness and calmness in my paintings of wombats. 

Wombats are marsupials native to Tasmania and the mainland of Australia. They are herbivores. Female wombats give birth to a single young in the spring and the young leave the pouch after about six months.

This print is printed on William Turner 310gsm print version textured water colour paper, which retains the look and feel of water colour paintings.  No wonder I have so many people ask me if the print is an original painting!

This image is also available on tote bags and pencil cases that are made in Australia and are washable (under the Bags & Cards tab). 

The A-3 and A-4 sizes of Lazy Days are a Limited Edition print run of 500, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

The A-2 size of Lazy Days is a Limited Edition print run of 50, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

The A-1 size of Lazy Days is a Limited Edition print run of 25, numbered, titled and signed by me, the artist.

All my paintings are copyrighted. They are not to be reproduced in any manner without authorisation from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (