Tote Bag  Glamour Girls

Tote Bag Glamour Girls

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This comical scene of emus at a hair salon will put smiles on many faces. With thickly applied eye shadow, nail polish, toe-ring and beads, they try to patiently wait for their curls and colours to set.  Glamour Girls is a cheery conversation starter.

This vibrant and sturdy tote bag, with the "Glamour Girls" image printed on both sides, is Made in Australia, is 100% polyester and washes up a treat. Put them in a lingerie bag for extra protection and cold machine wash.  They come in a small (approximately 33 cm x 33 cm), medium (approximately 39 cm x 40 cm) or large (approximately 46 cm x 46 cm) size. 

 All my paintings are copyrighted. They are not available for reproduction in any manner without authorisation from the artist, Patricia Hopwood-Wade (